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Air Sports


Paragliding, free falling and hand-gliding are the air sports that those loving the thrill of heights can try out from Mount Avena in the splendid scenery of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites. A suitable proposition for the lovers of these sports and for those wanting to feel the emotions of admiring the extraordinary landscape of the Dolomites from the sky.


Mount Avena, a few kilometres away from Feltre, is one of the most renown places in Europe for free falling. In loco there is a school that offers courses for beginners and experienced free fallers, stages, and opportunities for touristic flights.

For Information Scuola di Volo Libero Monte Avena

Water Sports


Kitesurf, windsurf and sailing are just some of the watersports that the enthusiasts can enjoy around Belluno. The lakes are the ideal places for these adrenaline inducing disciplines, and together with the streams they are the perfect destination for those who love fishing in the 12 fishing ponds of the area.


Rafting in Val Brenta

A sporty and fun descent to experience all the oddities that the water invents along its flow downstream. An endless succession of breathtaking emotions to share with your paddle mates along the jumps and foaming rapids. During the descent, a stop at the former hydroelectric plant of Carpanè, where it is possible to dive and let yourself be carried away by the fresh running water. Water games, battles between crews, diving from the dinghy and from the banks of the river will make you experience a unique emotion. Info and reservations. Info and booking.


Deep gorges, enchanted valleys, deserted paths, the crash of the water, the lively nature hiding wonderful places: this is everything you could experience in a day of canyoning. A discipline that leads to the discovery of a magical world made of water and rocks, moving between slides, waterfalls, jumps, and adrenaline inducing rope descends. 

It’s possible to live a unique experience accompanied by the Alps’ Guides who supply the visitors of all the necessary equipment (wetsuit, helmet, shoes, ropes…) and lead them through the ravines and the canyons excavated through the centuries by the streams along Valbelluna, in Agordino and in Val di Zoldo.



The territory in Belluno county is subdivided in 12 Fishing Ponds that comprehend streams, rivers and lakes. There are numerous species of fish to be found, from trouts, to pikes, carps, perchs, and many more.


Santa Croce Lake

The Santa Croce lake is the ideal place for windsurf, kitesurf, and sailing lovers because of its particular windiness. Thanks to the natural presence of currents, the lake is the preferred destination for water sports lovers. Schools and rentals are available on the lake shores, to enable those interested to feel the new emotions of these fast-paced sports.


Corlo Lake

Corlo lake is suitable for walks, rowing, canoeing and pedalo excursions. It gets its name from the small village situated near the artificial stopbank.

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