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The Farm and the vineyard

The Villa and the agricultural business have always been tightly bound in a changeable but always well-maintained balance. This first enhanced fruit farming, then bovine farming, and today, finally, viticulture. 


The vineyard

The main activity of the Guarnieri agricultural company is the cultivation of the nearby vineyards, from which come two wines (recognised in the classification IGT Dolomitian Vineyards). These are produced and sold by the company and they are the white “L'Ombra del Cin” e il Pinot Nero “Artelus”.

Feltre’s area has been for centuries a land suited for viticulture, reaching its peak in-between the 1800s and the 1900s. However, it later lost its economic importance due to wars and emigration alike. 


Today the work of a group of companies united in the ‘Consorzio Coste del Feltrino’ is bringing viticulture back on top, and the Guarnieri agricultural business gives its proud contribution with its two characteristic wines.

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