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Children’s activities

Bambini a cavallo Scooter

Pedavena brewery park

Only 3km away from Feltre, the park of the historic Pedavena brewery allows you to relax, play tennis or bocce balls, and take the kids to play in the dedicated equipped area. A while ago swans, deers, and various kinds of birds were brought back, and children can observe them up close in complete safety.


Vincheto di Celarda

The Natural Reserve animal population of the Vincheto di Celarda is managed by the Biodiversity Carabinieri Department of Belluno. It is a protected oasis of international importance established in 1971, with 92 hectares of damp areas, woods, meadows and shrubs.

Property of the State, it houses an installation for the farming of marble trouts, an equestrian centre for the training of horses, fences, aviaries, and a visitors’ centre.

Easy paths allow for the discovery of greenery and of the fauna composed of eight species of amphibians, among which the hybrid frog, the southern dotted newt, the emerald toad, the fire-bellied toad, the Italian tree frog, the fire salamander, the common toad and the agile frog. There are also 45 species of birds that nest inside the reserve, attracted by the humid areas. 


To make the young visitors happy, there can’t be a lack of hares, boars, deer, and roe deer. 

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