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Bicycle and mountain bike routes to discover

the area around Feltre



The Lamon Circuit, 20km

This path connects Lamon town, an important part of the Feltre area famous for the production of the Lamon Bean IGP and for the yearly festival dedicated to this product, with the mountainous area of Le Eli at the base of the Coppolo Mountain.


Lamon and Sovramonte Uplands, 31km

The path, which weaves itself through the highlands of Lamon and Sovramonte, is a challenging track that partly coincides with the ancient ‘Claudia Augusta Altinate Road’, and that goes through plantations of the Lamon Bean IGP and of the Pom Prussian.


‘Brevetto del Grappa’: the 10 climbing routes of a lifetime, 238km

The Grappa patent (‘Brevetto del Grappa’) is a certificate awarded to those cyclists who complete the 10 most challenging and most important climbing routes of the Grappa mountain on road bikes.


The Senaiga Lake, 11km

The route, which can be taken on foot or by bicycle, starts from Lemon and goes down towards Serra Bridge. This was built to cross the Cismon stream, reaching the dam that closes the Senaiga stream, thus creating the homonymous lake. 

The “fojaroi” route, 50km

The route of the “fojaroi” – characteristic farmhouses covered in branches of beech leaves – weaves itself through the county of Seren del Grappa, along the valley of the Stizzon stream and the northern slope of the Grappa mountain.


Lentiai: between the Piave and the Pre-Alps, 11,4km

The path unfolds in the Lentiai county passing through Mel as well, and it is a perfect itinerary for families and for those who wish to admire a landscape that goes from the Piave to the Pre-Alps. 


The Long Dolomites Road, 150km

It is one of the most gratifying bike trips of the entire alpine arc: you ride through incredible landscapes surrounded by the Dolomites – patrimony of Humanity UNESCO – starting in Austria, through the Belluno province, arriving in the Vicenza province.


Along the Piave, 30km

The path unfolds in the lower area of Feltre, at the bottom of the Grappa Massif, in the counties of Quero Vas and Alano di Piave, passing through the Treviso province with Segusino as well.


Nature and history between Pedavena and Feltre, 32km

The path unfolds between the lands of Pedavena and Feltre at the doors of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, passing through various areas of naturalistic and historical-artistic interest, surrounded by the beautiful Feltre Peaks.  


The Col Perer Circuit, 20km

The path unfolds on unpaved forest roads: perfect for mountain bike enthusiasts, it goes through meadows and woods in the Arsiè area. On the route you’ll encounter a few cottages where you can enjoy local products.

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