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Events and exhibitions

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Artistic Handicraft show

This exhibition was born in 1986 with the aim of giving space and visibility to quality craftsmanship in an unique context: Feltre’s historical centre. In occasion of the exhibit the buildings’ entrances, the roads, and the old houses become the ideal setting for the display of artisan products, which attract an ever growing public.


The unique artistic and architectural context serve as a backdrop for the numerous artisans, coming from all parts of Italy. They will prove their craftsmanship with the live manufacturing of papier-mâché, wood, glass, and pottery, which give life to high-quality products created by skilful hands.


The event features smiths gathering from all over Italy to compete in the forging contest for the prize named after the master Carlo Rizzarda.


When: last week of June  



Feltre’s Palio

From 1979, Feltre restores the ancient festivities and celebrates its spontaneous dedication to Venice in 1404 by re-evoking the symbolic ceremony of the delivery of the city keys to the ambassador Bartolomeo Nani. This ceremony sanctioned the bonding of the fortunes of Feltre to those of Venice. In this occasion, to remember the event, it was decided to raffle off 15 gold ducats every year to assign to the winner of the games.

The banner of the Palio has been created by artists of international fame since 1986.

The Palio, experienced strongly by the people of Feltre partly because of the contribution of hundreds of volunteers, is today an event of great national and international acclaim.


When: first week of August


Tour of the Walls

An international street track race taking place during the night, the Tour of the Walls proposes an incredibly fascinating route which goes through the walled city of Feltre, highlighting its history and its most significant places: the walls, the ‘sentinel route’, the Duomo, the city centre.


When: end of August 

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