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Coppia su una passeggiata

Discovering nature on foot


A series of itineraries and routes dedicated both to families and to those with more experience, paths to discover on foot with walking sticks as the modern Nordic Walking method suggests. Spectacular places for those who wish to experience a holiday, if not just a day, in direct contact with the extraordinary nature of the Belluno Dolomites.

Brent de l'Art

The Brent de l'Art are a natural conformation, very similar to a canyon, due to thousands of years of erosion by water, which has brought to light layers of rock formed millions of years ago. The typical red color is due to the presence of the Cretaceous "Scaglia Rossa", a rock formed during the Upper Cretaceous, or 90-65 million years ago. A circular route allows you to visit this spectacular series of gorges.

Historic – naturalistic Loop of the Grappa mountain, 16km

The historic – naturalistic Loop of the Grappa itinerary goes through paths and mule tracks on top of the Grappa mountain, scene of the Great War. It also presents a series of educational panels dedicated to the local flora and fauna.


The Senaiga Lake: in the land of Fagiolo di Lamon IGP, 11km

The route, which can be taken on foot or by bicycle, starts from Lemon and goes down towards Serra Bridge. This was built to cross the Cismon stream, reaching the dam that closes the Senaiga stream, thus creating the homonymous lake. 


Towards the Corlo Lake nearby Arsiè, 10,3km

This circuit route, which can be taken on foot or by bycicle, begins in Arsiè to then travel through a scenic path that skirts the Cismon stream and that leads to the panoramic Corlo Lake.


Vincheto di Celarda, 6.7km

This is a humid area of international interest, situated in a flat area 230 metres above the sea level: it has easy access for visitors and hikers, and it offers a net of easy paths that cross the entire area.

Caves of Oliero

From April to September and on Sundays in October it is possible to visit this complex of four caves of karst origin. The complex is located in Val Brenta and is part of a park. Visits are paid.

Caves of Caglieron

A short distance from Vittorio Veneto, in the municipality of Fregona, there is this system of caves managed by the Pro Loco. In addition to the visit, various activities are also organized for children.

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